JMA Information Technology: Optimizing Network and Infrastructure to Meet Business Objectives

CIO VendorJoseph Melookaran, President & CEO
Network infrastructure is the foundation of any business and enables organizations to connect, communicate and collaborate. Enterprises worldwide have to keep pace with the growing network infrastructure needs, caused due to rapid growth in data volume driven by latest innovations in technology. It has become a priority for many organizations to provide their workforce reliable and secure data across any network. Today, success in a network vertical demands leading a step ahead with latest technology options, leveraging partner resource, and a team of highly talented workforce with visionary leaders. One such pre-eminent firm that leverages in-house engineering resources aligned with cutting-edge technology offerings of its partner networks is Overland Park, KS based JMA Information Technology (JMA IT). The company, founded in 1994, has its establishment made a strong presence in several niche areas of telecom, financial, education and healthcare industry. The company is built around a framework of excellence that includes providing high quality service to customers, excellence in performance, rewards tied results, values tied to behavior, innovation in service delivery and treating employees as partners. “I believe true success in a business is achieved when a company creates an environment that empowers its employees, delivers the right service/solution to its customers, and provides fair and equitable rewards to its stakeholders,” begins Joseph Melookaran, President and CEO of JMA.

JMA IT provides networking infrastructure solutions that help organizations get more performance, reliability and security from their IT investment and enable them to grow business. “With today’s advanced networking equipment and virtualization technologies, we help clients to build secure networks, with simplified architectures and automation that reduce complexity, cost and risk,” says Melookaran. JMA IT understands not only unique networking requirement but also client's business objective. “Our team has the experience to meet any network challenge with tailored solutions from hardware and software providers, whether customer’s priority is security, mobility, scalability, speed, and cost,” adds Melookaran.

With today’s advanced networking equipment and virtualization technologies, we help clients to build secure networks, with simplified architectures and automation that reduce complexity, cost, and risk

The company provides staffing services and 24/7 network support to the customers, whether they are upgrading an existing network or deploying a next-generation hybrid cloud solution.

JMA IT understands the clients’ demands and offers customized services to help them overcome a wide range of challenges. One of their clients Springfield Public School (SPS) was in need to increase the wired network capacity and Wi-Fi access in every classroom for its digital learning program. SPS chose Juniper Networks switching solutions for its data center and school sites as well as for Wi-Fi access. JMA IT helped SPS by sharing the latest network industry information and solution knowledge. Now SPS feels confident that the students are excelling with a rigorous curriculum delivered through twenty first century digital learning tools. “With the support of the voters, we have been able to move away from a network that is like driving on a gravel road or two-lane highway to build a network that meets the demands of our twenty first century learners,” says Rick Green, Director of IT, SPS.

In the coming years, leaders at JMA intend to take the company to the next level through acquisitions especially in APAC region expanding their presence beyond Singapore, India and Malaysia. JMA IT will consistently evaluate new best of breed technology and will continue to increase the professional services practice in US and APAC. “JMA is excited with Juniper's go to market in the Data Centre space utilizing High IQ network solutions such as, O'Block, Northstar, vMX, vEX, and vSRX,” conludes Melookaran.