AMS.NET: Wireless Network Coverage to Foster Mobility

CIO VendorRobert Tocci, Founder & CEO
Today, organizations across verticals expect network to support a varied number of devices, provide anytime access, secure and protect intellectual property. Owing to the multitudinous benefits of network connectivity, organizations are now beginning to explore the primary purpose of network beyond connecting users to network resources. As a result, enterprises are on a constant look-out for viable partners would help them to build a robust network infrastructure to fulfill various requirements of business and IT teams. Originated as a network infrastructure company, a Cisco Certified Partner, AMS.NET aids organizations by leveraging deep expertise and experience in all facets of the network infrastructure including backbone components, firewalls, and servers. The firm specializes in delivering technology support and solutions to large and small organizations across many areas such as higher education, government and business.

The company’s certified and knowledgeable network engineers help businesses, school districts, and local government to connect branch offices or provide remote capabilities by architecting a solution that fulfills their specific needs and allows for future growth. “Our proven and emerging technologies from one of the leading manufacturers help develop solutions that empower organizations to achieve their goals,” says Robert Tocci, Founder and CEO, AMS.NET. The company’s products cover a large arc form switching and routing to mobility, wireless to firewall and security data, and virtualization.

With over two decades of experience in delivering fundamental technologies to organizations, AMS.NET provides solutions and processes that seamlessly implement Switches and Routers and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The company’s support and maintenance services also enable organizations supplement their IT Staff, maintain network, and minimize downtime. “In today’s uncertain economy, businesses, educators, and governments are facing challenges of supporting and maintaining the network and applications within their shrinking budgets and minimal IT staff practices,” says Tocci.

AMS.NET’s dedicated support contract specialist works with organizations to determine their customers’ requirements and design an appropriate support and maintenance solution irrespective of whether they need 24x7 support or in-house IT staff for assistance with a particular technology.

Our high customer satisfaction rating and extensive reference lists are a testament to our successful project cycle and our proven process

As a part of their complete project management service, the company’s team of certified and experienced engineers builds a scalable network design solution by utilizing an organizations’ existing infrastructure, addressing business requirements, and integrating with other network appliances. During the design phase, AMS. NET documents present and future requirements, growth strategies, client required features, and migration plan of legacy equipment, if applicable. “Our high customer satisfaction rating and extensive reference lists are a testament to our successful Project Cycle and proven process,” says Tocci. AMS.NET customizes the solution deployments based the on situation and clients’ specific requirements.

To shed light on one of AMS.NET’s customers’ success stories, the San Lorenzo Unified School District was facing difficulties to maintain a traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system and aging voice-mail which made them incur significant costs. Moreover, the old systems failed to offer the features the district needed for its staff. The school district approached AMS.NET to help them untangle the challenges associated with its network infrastructure. AMS. NET helped them take advantage of their existing Cisco network infrastructure to the fullest by deploying an IP telephony solution, providing the features and functionalities that the staff needed, alongside significant savings.

Taking positive strides towards the future, AMS.NET continues to supports customers’ businesses by harnessing the capacities of best-in-breed technologies. “It is our goal with each and every project to add another customer name to our reference list,” concludes Tocci.