Zensar Technologies: Powering Next-Generation Enterprises with Mobility Solutions

CIO VendorGanesh Natarajan, CEO
Technology has undoubtedly come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone in 1973. The shifting communication channels across consumers and industries like healthcare, retail, banking, and financial services is opening up new revenue streams in the mobile tech world. Today, several enterprises are challenged with building a robust and secure routing and switching architecture that enables users to communicate, collaborate, and be productive as well as user-friendly. While many organizations have launched internal and third party applications through a variety of delivery methods, users undoubtedly demand a seamless experience. Enter Zensar Technologies—a business outsourcing company that addresses this critical need with a combination of options, including local and global load balancing and optimizing end-user services. For nearly three decades, Zensar has provided its customers with best of breed solutions that enables users to utilize a robust and secure network infrastructure that is easy to manage and highly secure.

Moreover, companies today are challenged with protecting their critical corporate information from data leakage by proactively monitoring, preempting, and mitigating threats, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Leveraging multi-shore capabilities, Zenzar combines expert consulting, integration, support, and managed services with commendable customer service to help IT organizations reduce costs, increase efficiency, and manage their risk in data centers. The firm’s spectrum of innovative solutions is delivered through Centers of Excellence (CoE), Global Security Labs, Global solutions, and innovative programs, utilizing a proven Global Delivery Model and Framework. Zensar’s wide array of solutions also helps companies and their associates to be more productive by providing access to company assets in a secure way across multiple devices, in and out of the office.

We combine expert consulting, integration, support and managed services with commendable customer service to help IT organizations reduce costs and increase efficiency

“Started at a time when global economies were a slowdown, Zensar was set up primarily to perform excellent work for Fortune 500 companies,” says Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Vice Chairman and CEO, Zensar Technologies. The firm also partners with industry leading firms to offer innovative and value-added solutions that can accelerate productivity and connectivity by enabling people to access corporate network resources whenever needed, without compromising security.

A technology partner of choice for global organizations looking to transform, grow, and lead in the challenging business environment, Zensar’s deep and long lasting client relationships and strong domain expertise, drive every facet of the firm’s day to day operations. In one instance, an international technology and network services provider with a global footprint was in need of a multi-shore solution that encompassed global on-site and virtual teams managing their entire IT infrastructure. As the client turned to Zensar for support, they were able to offer flexible service models and a single point of contact for multiple countries through global delivery capabilities including data center hosting, infrastructure, and application support services. Zensar’s integration of their associate resources was a key component to maximizing their support services and enabling a centralized system of contact globally.

Zensar’s core values of customer centricity, commitment to people and community followed by continuous innovation and excellence are its secret mantra for organizational success. Having a strong link between diversity and inclusion strategies, for the road ahead, Zensar would continue to deliver novel, value added solutions to customers. In terms of diversity, the firm is keen on uncovering new perspectives, by tapping knowledge and experience from associates to help them generate innovative ideas for the growth of the organization.