A10 Networks: Enabling Secure and Optimized Network Performances

CIO VendorLee Chen, Founder & CEO
An enhanced connectivity, communication, operations, and management of an enterprise network enables easier and stronger connect between users, processes, applications, services, and external networks or the internet. Today, the presence of the network infrastructure in most IT environments has risen exponentially. Organizations are on the constant lookout for network based solutions that are interconnected, and can be used for internal and external communications and data transfer with a secure user to handle application connectivity.

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, A10 Networks caters a new generation of application networking technologies that enable enterprises, service providers, and government organizations to accelerate, secure, and optimize the performance of their data center applications and networks. “Our primary objective is to build networks that are fast, more secure, efficient, and provide redundancy in case of failure,” affirms Lee Chen, Founder and CEO at A10 Networks. They have a portfolio of application-layer networking products that ensure application connectivity with availability, acceleration and security.

The application availability allows a reliable accessibility of the application servers and networks regardless of the user, device type, location or connectivity. This helps in bridging the gap so that the legacy services using IPv4 address space can be accessible to devices using the new IPv6 standard, and vice versa. The application acceleration improves website and application performance with an application-aware load balancing. It includes server offload functions like content caching and connection multiplexing, compression, and SSL offload which are delivered at massive scales using the Virtual Chassis System (VCS). The application security delivers a range of security features that decrypt, authenticate and inspect application flows. It then detects and mitigates the growing array of sophisticated cyber security attacks that threaten availability of the largest websites and networks around the world.

Our primary objective is to build networks that are fast, more secure, efficient, and provide redundancy in case of failure

At the center of the A10 product offering is the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS), which serves as a high-performance, application-aware networking platform for the company’s Application Services Gateway (ASG) products. A10’s initial success and growth was built upon the AX Series product line that accelerates and secures data center applications.

The company’s premium performance A10 Thunder Series product family includes an Application Delivery Controller (ADC), a Carrier Grade NAT (CGN), and a Threat Protection System (TPS), which further leverages the ACOS platform. “The ACOS was designed to deliver a substantially greater performance and security relative to the prior generation application networking products,” says Chen.

For an instance, many operators of enterprise data centers were facing hardships resulting from multiple compounding factors like complex new virtualization and deployment of cloud data center technologies. They were in need of an efficient solution that would maintain availability of applications, scale current infrastructure, consolidate resources and staff requirements, and keep networks secure. A10’s ADCs helped the operators in tackling the challenges they encountered by ensuring that the data center applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated and secure.

Recently, A10 extended multi-vector DDoS protection with Thunder TPS 3.2 and Verisign’s DDoS protection service, and will be working on the extension in the road ahead. A10 networks have also announced enhancements to its multi-vector DDoS protection solution and Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS). They also have plans to enhance the ability to send alerts to Verisign’s cloud-based DDoS Protection Service using the OpenHybrid API. “A10 networks is not just about innovation and technology, it’s also about customer priorities which differentiates our company from others,” claims Chen.