Big Switch Networks: Paving the Route for Software-Defined Networking

CIO VendorDouglas Murray, CEO
With continuous changes in the technological landscape, companies are transforming their data centers into a flexible cloud infrastructure to run demanding applications. Organizations are now transitioning towards Software Defined Networking (SDN) to enhance the benefits of data center virtualization and increase resource flexibility, by automating on-demand applications. SDN focuses on the separation of control plane of the network, making data accessibility easier and allowing administrators to use less expensive commodity switches, while gaining more control over network traffic flow. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Big Switch Networks accelerates application deployment and reduces organizations’ IT spending through workflow automation. The company designs, develops, and sells bare-metal networking fabrics and delivers effective solutions for data centers to achieve complex automation. Big Switch provides hyper-scale networking to a broader audience to deliver fit-for-purpose products. “Big Switch is the original SDN pioneer and has one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of enabling technologies for SDN,” says Douglas Murray, CEO, Big Switch Networks.

The company’s specialized, ultra-low cost fabric tool—Big Tap Monitoring Fabric helps organizations monitor their existing networks and network taps, and facilitates coordination between teams. It helps in network troubleshooting, security, compliance, and performance monitoring. Using an SDN-centric architecture, Big Tap delivers operational simplicity and multi-tenancy for multiple teams to simultaneously perform network monitoring using tenant-specific inline or out-of-band tools and policies.

Big Switch’s Big Cloud Fabric is designed for data centers, and its advanced bare metal SDN switching fabric is intended for new data center pods, such as private cloud, big data, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Big Cloud Fabric embraces hyper-scale data center design principles to enable rapid innovation, easy provisioning, and management, while reducing overall costs.

We leverage our solutions in fit-for-purpose products which are designed for enterprises, cloud providers, and service providers

“By featuring SDN software and bare metal Ethernet switch hardware in pod designs, Big Cloud Fabric delivers multi-hypervisor based networking to a broad class of users,” says Murray.

All of Big Switch’s software solutions are based on the company’s orchestration enablement platform. With the help of these solutions, Big Switch is able to assess business impacts, prioritize corrective actions, and improve service quality and customer experience. Big Switch helps in streamlining critical network operations, while bridging today’s networks. “We leverage our solutions in fit-for-purpose products which are designed for enterprises, cloud providers, and service providers,” evinces Murray.

Since inception, Big Switch has been providing the scale that network administrators need. The company reduces cost of an organization’s networking by using SDN. Big Switch is moving toward delivering higher quality product experience and faster innovation. Many customers have benefited immensely by implementing Big Switch’s SDN solutions. For instance, Dell uses Big Switch’s Big Tap Monitoring Fabric software. By integrating this software into a solution Dell Open Networking, the company is maximizing its existing and future network investments. Dell embraced SDN and paired it with one of the most effective solutions of Big Switch and was able to solve its networking issues.

Another success story involves BlueData, which used Big Switch Network’s Big Tap Monitoring and Big Cloud Fabric to solve the cost and networking issues the company was facing. After using Big Switch’s solutions, BlueData was able to enable the network control to be directly programmable and the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services.

Big Switch offers customers the broadest range of deployment options to drive new levels of business agility, flexibility, and reduced cost of ownership. Moving ahead, the company plans to continue leveraging new technologies to unlock additional value and benefits for customers.