PCPlus Networks: Safeguarding Network Infrastructure with Managed Security Services

CIO VendorShan Dholaria, CTO
Ensuring security has often been a primary concern while building a network infrastructure. In general solution providers utilize routers with built-in firewalls, software that allows finely-tuned user-access control, data packet monitoring, and strictly defined protocols in most of the network architecture. And despite that, the odds of successful cyber-attacks on a business today are nearly one in five cases, according to an article released under ‘Real World Tech Tips’. Headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA, PCPlus Networks addresses network security concerns by offering end-to-end support for customized computer, network, desktop, and server for organizations of all sizes.

PCPlus Networks employs Managed Security Services to safeguard network infrastructures from sophisticated and targeted attacks such as identity theft, hacks, computer viruses, and spyware/ malware threats. The firm’s Managed Network Security ensures that any form of infiltration, spyware, and malware does not penetrate through the network of an organization. This eliminates the risk of data, assists in setting controls, security updates, patch management, compliance, and firewalls and also reduces unnecessary spending on IT needs.

As a tangible proof of PCPlus Networks’ services functionality, Margit Velasco, Guest Services Manager at the Georgia-based Holiday Inn Express recollects, “We approached the firm to solve our network related impediments to ensure that every guest has a smooth, hassle-free, and enjoyable stay with us.” PCPlus Networks carried out of the task of managing the computers at the customer’s company, ensuring they are running, the internet questions are swiftly answered with cost and time efficiency. By bringing PCPlus Networks on board, Holiday Inn Express’ computer problems became nonexistent ever since the company took over monitoring their computers and complaints.

PCPlus Networks employs Managed Security Services to safeguard network infrastructures from sophisticated and targeted attacks such as identity theft, hacks, computer viruses, and spyware/ malware threats

In another instance, Mustic Group, a leading importer of European Gourmet food reached out to PCPlus Networks for the same. “As a company, we are unstoppable when it comes to connecting with our vendors, business partners, and our customers worldwide from different time zones,” says Adis Viden, Accounts Manager, Mustic Group. Consequentially, it was crucial for them to have a secure and reliable network that would provide them with the necessary confidence to go along with their business smoothly. In the past, the company’s network was built and maintained by various computers with those who did not specifically expertise or certification in the network security field. Due to the company's growth in the past six years, different issues and needs related to their systems and networks began to emerge. “With PCPlus Networks, we got reliable, honest, and most importantly, professional people working on our network issues,” says Viden. The company took charge of exchanging servers, building networks from the ground, and installing several operating programs and regular maintenance. The liaison proved to be fruitful for Mustic Group as all their network issues were taken care of and solved in a timely manner.

PCPlus Networks stands out with their technical proficiency in IT support and network consulting, catering to various companies throughout Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Augusta and other major cities in the Southeastern part of the U.S. The company believes in placing their customers’ needs first when it comes to streamlining their business processes and solving their IT and network issues. Forging ahead, PCPlus Networks is aiming to deliver speed, value, and quality for their clients from start to finish by using expert engineers and project managers to ensure a high level of satisfaction among their customers and partners.