NetCraftsmen: Network Solutions for Immediate and Evolving Needs

CIO VendorPaul Mauritz, President & CEO
Simplicity is an operational imperative. A network becomes difficult to maintain and troubleshoot if the infrastructure is too complex resulting in fragile performance and making it hard to leverage in newer and more creative avenues. Most importantly, the network infrastructure needs to evolve with the ever-changing demands of an organization. Maryland-based NetCraftsmen designs, develops, and deploys customized network infrastructure for organizations from the ground up. They ensure a solution is tailored to their clients’ immediate and evolving needs, while remaining easy to manage, maintain, and enhance for everyone, across every platform.

“NetCraftsmen’s network infrastructure solutions place the client’s priorities first, with an essential mix of power and flexibility,” begins Paul H. Mauritz, President and CEO of the company. Their ‘craftsmen’ work with the customers to redesign and improve an existing infrastructure which cannot be entirely replaced or offer planning for a new design and its development. Mauritz is of the firm opinion that the best network infrastructures aren’t merely reliable; they are technologically resilient. The company focuses on the importance of designing and cultivating a successful network infrastructure that balances flexibility and functionality, reliable connectivity, and cost. The focus remains firmly on implementation of prioritized refinements which remains fixated on organizational objectives. NetCraftsmen, in addition to infrastructure, delivers services and solutions ranging from virtualization, cyber security, and data center to unified communications and cloud.

“We recognize the value of cloud and recommend its implementation only after essential elements of infrastructure, functionality, and security is in place,” states Mauritz. Moving data or processing to the public cloud comes with very real security concerns, and it should be driven by genuine organizational priorities.

We maximize the effectiveness of IT resources, migrating what was once physical to the use of virtual machines

The company's cyber security approach evaluates internal systems and protocols for potential points of compromise, layering in robust, adaptable strategies designed to both monitor network integrity and stay ahead of potential attacks. NetCraftsmen also develops and deploys virtual memory and network, physical server hosts, and virtual machines that transform an organization’s existing network infrastructure. “We maximize the effectiveness of IT resources, migrating what was once physical to the use of virtual machines,” reveals Mauritz. The intent, whether for a new design or existing system, is optimization of CPU use, memory and storage, improving performance and cost-effectiveness.

One beneficiary of NetCraftsmen’s expertise, Tele- Post—Greenland's primary telecommunications provider— wanted a fast, reliable web network with robust voice and data communications that delivered unprecedented access to online learning for students. Also, the client’s existing infrastructure consisted of an amalgamation of old and new technologies, creating a dilemma of whether to upgrade old equipment on an existing infrastructure element or come up with a new approach entirely. When NetCraftsmen was approached, the team developed an approach called Transformational Architecture. Through this, cutting edge technological approach, Tele-Post increased its network capacity which allowed better and distributed service offerings, social improvements, and a more reliable network. The client successfully upgraded citizens in less-populous areas with mobile broadband from all-copper home connections, making it easier to maintain, cost-effective, and unified all network access. “All in all, Greenland’s new network architecture has allowed Tele-Post to seek out a host of new service offerings, making them more competitive and increasing revenue potential,” prides Mauritz.

Surging ahead, the company will continue to team with clients and partners such as Cisco in an attempt to set higher standards in their respective domains. NetCraftsmen will pursue large, multi-year projects in an attempt to deliver the best possible results in business and innovation.