Pluribus Networks: Optimized Networking for Accelerated Results

CIO VendorKumar Srikantan, President & CEO
Modern data centers are undergoing dramatic change as businesses become digital-centric. CIOs are currently focused on delivering IT services with extreme agility and security that leads to reduced operating costs, while keeping up the velocity of innovation in the rapidly changing world. Compute, Storage and Networking all need to become virtualized to realize this goal. Palo Alto, CA based Pluribus Networks created its Virtualization-Centric Fabric (VCF) to do just that. When Pluribus Networks powers a data center, the network becomes more responsive and intelligent while dramatically improving agility, insight and security. “We created VCF to allow the organization’s business needs to define the technology structure it needs, and in the timeframes that are needed in today’s fast-moving digital world,” remarks Kumar Srikantan, President and CEO, Pluribus Networks.

Pluribus’ VCF provides a rich set of agile networking capabilities for the data center, commonly referred to as Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Delivered as part of its Netvisor family of open switch operating systems, VCF enables the virtualization of the network itself while providing complete compatibility with existing infrastructures. “Through the use of VCF, customers are able to create the industry’s most agile data center network with complete visibility into the business,” says Srikantan. Netvisor is based on proven technologies seen for years in the HPC and clustering worlds. Netvisor VCF creates a simplified, easy to manage and elastic fabric that is compatible with the networking infrastructure already in place.

Innovation is the heart of Pluribus and our strength lies in our people, our innovation, our customers, and our agility as a company

“Our technology allows us to enable new customers to start realizing agility and deep insight as they transform their existing IT infrastructures to be digital-centric and business driven,” explains Srikantan.

Having deployments in over 20 countries across the globe, Srikantan believes that the major challenge faced by IT today is around the concept of managing the cost and complexity of older network approaches which impact an IT organization's ability to deliver modern business applications quickly. Pluribus plays an important role by offering technology that helps the clients deploy new applications more quickly, with deeper insight into the flow of information throughout. Last year, the company also partnered with cloud networking giant Ericsson to power their next generation of cloud offerings, their HDS8000 family.

For the road ahead, Pluribus is focused on delivering the growing needs of its diverse customers. These areas include deeper insight, higher densities and more integrations with fabric-based services. Having a global footprint and a 24/7 customer support, Pluribus is growing it's sales and support presence worldwide as demand for its VCF based solutions and the SDN marketplace itself expands globally. “Innovation is the heart of Pluribus and our strength lies in our people, our innovation, our customers and our agility as a company,” concludes the CEO.