VirtualArmor: Comprehensive Solutions for a Visible Virtual Network

CIO VendorChristopher Blisard, Founder & Chairman
Network infrastructure is the backbone of any enterprise and the evolving trends in automation and virtualization act as an agile approach to the overall infrastructure sector. Automation tools that facilitate network function virtualization are emerging in multitudes. “CIOs today step away from the technology perspective of these innovations and aim at the actual business impact it has on an enterprise network,” says Christopher Blisard, Founder and Chairman, VirtualArmor. Started as a service-oriented organization that has been providing managed services to organizations since 2001, VirtualArmor helps organizations to make better infrastructure decisions.

Headquartered in Centennial, CO, the solution provider offers advanced networking and cyber-security solutions. “We engage from small-sized enterprises all the way to Fortune 100 companies as well as service providers,” extols Mathew Brennen, VP of Sales, VirtualArmor. Delivering services that range from professional to training services, cyber-security to security solutions, design to configuration services, they help enterprises build, manage, monitor, and maintain their network from cloud to core.

The Perimeter Network Security solution is a security enforcement platform, which provides visibility to security intelligence, at the same time, monitoring visibility points as they are added anywhere on the entire network. To back up this security platform, a plethora of information pertaining to security and its relevant context is fed into that system.

VirtualArmor puts its two cents on its Networking Security Visualization solution, which procures feeds from various devices, workflows, event-flows, and ingests the information from the various network devices and security devices and provides a correlated content. This content is delivered to the CIO, CTO, or the security head of the organization, who can log-in and have a clear insight of the network on a real-time basis.

We have saved a multitude of organizations by helping them design a more efficient private network

“If there is any incident that’s been triggered anywhere on the network, they have a more proactive approach, responding to the attacks or better yet preventing them,” elaborates Chris Storer, Senior Systems Engineer, VirtualArmor.

Every day, more and more enterprises are moving away from legacy applications to applications that are hosted on the cloud, like SFDC or Office 365. As far as mobility is concerned, it is still a pipe dream for enterprises to be guaranteed on the visibility of these cloud-hosted SaaS applications. VirtualArmor has traction on this area, with its single-pane-of-glass service. It plays in SIEM (Security information and event management) service, which covers the entire network picture from security to visibility and monitoring.

VirtualArmor has catered to clients’ needs when legacy infrastructure goes obsolete and their systems had to be reinvented or redesigned to cope up with the growing challenges. As the network widens, services and devices concurrently increase and the underlying security is not at par. A complete study of efficiency, cost, and the specific technology that has to be scaled is conferred with the client, as automation comes into the picture. “We have saved a multitude of organizations anywhere from 20 to 30 percent on the annually recurring costs, simply by helping them design a more efficient private network,” evinces Brennen.

The organization believes in a flat framework where employees don’t follow a hierarchy, bringing in a tight sense of integration. Engineers at VirtualArmor are investing their time in three key areas—Automation, FPN (Federated Portal Network), and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) to pave the networking way of the future. “We are working on helping our customers with use-cases that they may encounter over the next five years,” assures Brennen.